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I love reading YA and will read most anything that goes underneath YA. =)
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks - E. Lockhart Though I felt it was a well-constructed read, I was very underwhelmed.

Perhaps if the narration had been in first person instead of third person limited, I might have liked it better. As it is, I didn't care a ton about Frankie. I do find her easy to relate to, and I thought she had an interesting personality - clever, sophisticated, and waiting to be bold. The dialogue was very believable, and I loved Frankie's lunch table conversation with Elizabeth. I thought the ending was unique enough with Matthew ratting out Frankie and Frankie not regaining the guys as friends but I didn't really feel the full effect of a climax. I know some people don't mind that, but I like a bit more suspense for a climax, and I just didn't really feel like it was there. It's a solid read - just underwhelming for my tastes.

Overall, it was a good read but not something I'll really revisit.