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Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols 3.5 stars

Jennifer Echols tends to be a solid read for me when I'm looking for some YA contemporary romance that's a bit grittier than other YA, and I really did enjoy Such a Rush.

I found that I could easily sympathize with Leah and that she was pretty well-developed. She did make some decisions that I felt weren't really explained (having to be blackmailed instead of going for the job, her ultimatum of telling Alec...), but I really did like her.

I would have appreciated more character development for Alec and a more...fleshed out relationship between Grayson and Leah. As much I really did like Grayson, I felt like he and Leah needed more of conversations like the one at the beach. It was as if their relationship was close to be really fleshed out but just not quite there. As for Alec, I never felt like I really knew him, even at the end of the novel, but I suppose he wasn't too significant anyway.

I was also annoyed with the repetition of "whore" throughout the book. It's not the profanity that bothered me, but so much hate and judgment of these girls was what annoyed me. I get that Leah was called that, but what was the point of the scene where Leah contemplates the "whores" walking down the street? I felt like it wasn't thoroughly...fleshed out, for lack of a better phrase.

There's a part of me that would love to fly like Leah does though, and that's partly what drew me to the novel, since while this novel wasn't perfect IMO, it was a good match for me and I really did enjoy reading it.