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I love reading YA and will read most anything that goes underneath YA. =)
Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin Though the initial premise and mood are a bit formulaic and almost too similar to other YA novels of the genre published recently, once I was able to get into it, I did enjoy it quite a bit.

One bit I liked immensely about this was that the love triangle actually had complications, in that it wasn't completely obvious who would be picked. Granted, it's probably still a given that Will be Araby's final choice, but his betrayal (though somewhat justified) did complicate things. At least, that's how it was at the end - though for most of the book, it was quite clear who was Araby's primary choice.

Though I understand we are limited by Araby's point of view, I still feel as if the world-building could have been more complex in the city. Even in the prince's palace, somehow it just fell short.

The end does bring promise of more world-building though, and hopefully we'll learn about what is happening outside of the city. Also, the new question brought forth about Araby's father, while not completely original, is interesting.

Araby may be a bit difficult to relate to at times, but when more is revealed about her brother, the reader does gain some sympathy for her. I liked Araby's character well enough, but I'm hoping she'll continue to grow in the next books.

Overall, it was a good read, but it wasn't extraordinary, in my opinion. If you're tired of this genre, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you like this sort of steam-punk, post-apocalyptic romance, then you should enjoy this. I'll be reading the sequel when it comes out.

3.5 stars