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I love reading YA and will read most anything that goes underneath YA. =)
Fracture - Megan Miranda Emotionally heart-wrenching and with some well-developed characters, I thought this book was pretty well-written.

I think the main issue of this book is simply in its realization. The author appeared to have many topics she was trying to explore - life, death, depression, euthanasia, mercy, etc. Perhaps if this book were slightly longer in length, or if a few unnecessary parts were not included (like Tara's character), and a few of these subjects were given more time to be explored, it would have been stronger novel. As a result, it appeared a bit more immature than it could have been.

I did appreciate Decker and Delaney's characters though. I thought there were well-developed, and other details - like Delaney's parents actual participation in her life, rather than just being background; the boy at the hospital who'd been saved but hadn't been really saved; etc.

Still, some deeper, more precise exploration of these topics would have been nicer. That being said, it presented some three-dimensional characters and an interestingly explored plotline, and I'll read future books by Megan Miranda.