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I love reading YA and will read most anything that goes underneath YA. =)
Shine - Jeri Smith-Ready Somehow, this book took me months to read. I remember plowing through the first book without difficulty, but I think the increasing focus on romance in Shade brought my level of enthusiasm down a lot further than it had been before.

This book does pick up in the second half for me though, and we do have some interesting things going on - particularly with the DMP draft, as well as Aura and Zachary's experiments in Ireland. For the majority of it though, we just have the continuation of book two where so much of the book revolves around Zachary. I enjoy character-driven books when the characters are rich and layered, but this felt like it so should have been a plot-driven series. It was tough to get through, unfortunately.

I'm usually a fan of a well-written romance in a series, but I didn't like how Aura and Zachary quite often were saying that they couldn't live without each other, and so on. It especially bothered me that Aura was willing to quit high school just to be with Zachary. It was as if her own self didn't even matter, and the fact is that pretty much no respectable university would maintain their acceptance of a student who decides to drop out.

I guess I'm just not a big fan of the philosophies Smith-Ready was presenting there, but the romance was sweet at times. Somehow Zachary's time in isolation didn't seem as heart-wrenching as it should have been, but perhaps that's because I just never cared enough about Zachary's character. His one flaw/mistake was just in book one with Rebecca, and I just never really cared about him after that. Part of the reason may be that I felt like he was overshadowed by Logan, who I felt was a pretty richly developed character.

I liked the minor twist at the end where we find out that those born six months before the end of the novel could not see ghosts. I'd been expecting that no one would see ghosts again, except for the occasional psychic, but I thought this was a bit more unique and satisfying this way.

It was a decent enough read I guess, but not really worth my time unfortunately. I do applaud the author for putting in some research about Newgrange though. Good for her.