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Eona: The Last Dragoneye - Alison Goodman 5 stars

All the things that I enjoyed about the first novel - its thorough background research that showed in its worldbuilding, its well-developed characters, its layered plot - just heightened with its sequel.

I also thoroughly enjoyed its new additions - the added complexity of Ido's character (I love horrible characters like him), the romance (guilty pleasure at times, I'll admit, but in this particular duology, it was well-done), and of course the new turns of the plot.

I'll admit I was not very surprised by the ending, but the route to get there was what made it different and not so simplistic.

Though Goodman's writing style was a bit barren and dry for me in the first book, I was able to get over it in this book, and it did not bother me.

Great end to a great duology.